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Rescue Credit Car Loans


Rescue Credit offer car loan solutions for private and business purposes whether it be for a single purchase, an entire fleet or plant and equipment for mining and construction projects, we’ve got you covered.

If you provide us with all the necessary documentation during your application then we can usually get you an approval within two days.  We have even had some people approved for a $55,000 purchase of a new car ON THE SAME DAY!

Rescue Credit offer four different types of car loan products which are:


Full Doc Car Loans

This is a traditional car loan product available to anyone who wants to apply but must provide us with evidence of income and employment or self-employment.  You must have a clear credit rating to apply and won’t need a deposit


Low Doc Car Loans

This is a car loan solution for people that hold an ABN number for at least one year but may not have all of their financial statements (EG Tax Returns, Trading Statements, BAS Statements, etc) available right now.  You will need to have a clear credit rating and a deposit may not be required.


Bad Credit or Non Conforming Car Loans

This is a car loan product available to people that are employed or self-employed but do not qualify through traditional banks or car loan lenders and may have a blemished credit file.  Depending on what financial information you can provide us with and the status of your credit file, you may or may not need a deposit – this will be at the discretion of the car loan credit provider and we will let you know at application stage what may be required.


Business Lease

This is a lease solution offered to business owners and you only need to have an ABN number registered for one day or longer.  No financials or property ownership is required for this product but you must have at least a 20% deposit and you can borrow up to $120,000.  New and used vehicles may be considered but not private sales for cars.

So whatever type of car loan or business lease you’re looking for Rescue Credit have access to a wide range of car loan products and we will work with you in getting the most appropriate finance solution.



Conditions may apply depending on the strength of your application and all loans are subject to lending guidelines.